Greenville Visit 2023

Our first visit to Greenville

12/15/20233 min read

After narrowing the schools to several seminaries, we decided it was time to visit GPTS. This also became our first "family vacation" and anniversary celebration. During our time in Greenville, we visited the seminary, went to a local church, and did a bit of sightseeing. Here is a glimpse of that journey.

A "ten hour drive" is never as short as GPS says, especially with a wiggly toddler and an eight month pregnant wife. Ten hours became more like fourteen. Thankfully, there were beautiful stops along the way to stretch our legs.

The first full day in Greenville was the Lord's Day, so we spent the day amongst dear believers in a local church. The South (or more likely, the church) lived up to its hospitality stereotype, for we had four invitations to families' homes before we left.

Specifically Katherine felt an ache at the idea of leaving our local church with sweet community like her young moms "Pray and Play" group that meets up at playgrounds or friends homes every Tuesday. Praying through this, the Lord gave a sweet answer to prayer in that in the very church we visited, a gal invited Katherine to their weekly park meet up. There, the kids play and the moms pray together. They meet on Tuesdays.

The following day, Josh, Katherine and A. visited GPTS. Though school was "off" for summer break, the staff met us with the warmest welcome. Having a tour of the facilities, we were able to speak with professors and ask questions with the head of admissions. The visit left us feeling so cared for and excited about the potential future.

After leaving the seminary, Josh and Katherine were thoroughly pleased overall. Josh's one regret was that he didn't ask one specific professor one specific question.

The next day we toured Greenville and treated ourselves to our anniversary dinner date (along with a little toddler third wheel.) While sitting outside at this dinner, who should walk by but the very same professor Josh had regretted not asking his specific question. Remembering Josh, the professor and his wife stopped and talked with us for quite a while. Not only was Josh able to ask his question, but we had delightful conversation about local churches, community, theology, and everything in-between.

The rest of the trip had generous blessing upon generous blessing. Whether it was praying for parking spots (for our Paul Miller fans out there) or conversations with strangers at parks, the entire visit was encouraging. While there are many griefs in leaving our sweet home, the Lord repeatedly reminded us that He has dear saints in all places, and how there can be a new home within minutes of conversation with fellow believers.