We don't go at this alone. What a comfort! Our Heavenly Father is abundantly generous, and continues to astound us with His kindness.

Often times this is most evident through people like you. We wouldn't be where or who we are without our dear friends and family. As we continue this journey, there are several ways we would love your support:


Far above and beyond our physical means, prayer is our greatest need! Will you pray for us? Even now, as you read these words, please pray for us. Pray for a local church. Pray for community. Pray for the souls of our children. And pray we would live to the glory of our amazing Christ. If you haven't already, subscribe to our prayer list on the home page and commit to pray for us!


If you have the desire to care for us financially, we have two easy options available: you can give directly to our family by using the form below to make an online gift, or reach out to us personally for our mailing address. Thank YOU for your support!

Daily Needs:

From toddler clothes to toilet paper to textbooks and everything in between, we are trying to cut costs. If you have anything "extra" at home, we would be truly blessed to receive it!

If you'd like to make changes to your recurring gift at any time, you can edit your information here. Thank YOU for your support!